About Us

Corporate Overview


The vision of the Municipal Assessment Agency is that of a professional organization meeting the property assessment and valuation needs of our clients in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

Meeting the assessment and valuation needs of our clients is at the core of our vision statement. We understand the importance of constraining the vision statement to be within our means. That is, it should be achievable. At the same time, we understand the importance of having the assessment service we provide tailored to fit the means (and meet the needs) of the municipalities we serve.


By March 31, 2017, the Municipal Assessment Agency has improved its service delivery to be better able to meet the assessment and valuation needs of its clients.

Lines of Business

Property Assessment and Valuation The Agency has a single line of business - property assessment and valuation, and it is not anticipated that this will change throughout the identified planning cycle. The Agency's line of business is a reflection of our incorporating documents and is summarized as follows:

  • Assessment of real property (land, buildings, and other improvements) provided to municipalities that levy a real property tax. This service is provided under the Assessment Act 2006, and is provided for a fee which reflects the cost of the service. This activity generates 98% of the Agency's revenues.
  • Sale of assessments and assessment related information, primarily through electronic means and within the limitations set by law. The primary clients for this service are realty or financial service providers, as well as private interests. This activity generates the remaining 2% of the Agency's revenues.


The Agency is a crown-owned corporation which is governed by a representative Board of Directors. The board includes eight municipal representatives, six of whom are elected by municipalities, and two taxpayer representatives.


We will provide opinions of value without predjudice.

We will be responsible for our actions and accountable to the public

We will encourage participation in continuing professional development and training at all levels within the Agency

We will actively seek alternate (client) opinions on our activities and report these opinions to direct our change process

Employees and members of the board will seek appropriate guidance to ensure they perform their duties in an ethical and responsible manner

Corporate Overview